About Care Challenge

Care Challenge is the ideas-sharing website of the nursing community worldwide created by Connecting Nurses. The experience that nurses have entitles them to propose ways to improve patient and health care professional education, disease prevention and care and more generally to propose ways to innovate the nursing profession. Nurses share ideas that benefit their colleagues all over the world. Moreover, Care Challenge gives them the possibility to receive support to further develop their projects. 

If you are a nurse don’t hesitate to post your innovative project directly on the Care Challenge website!  You should categorize your project as Chronic Disease or General Nursing. And choose an area depending on the specificity of the project: Education, Practice, or Research

Each of these two categories has a Reviewing Committee of Nurses that evaluates the projects several times a year and chooses to highlight some of them. These projects become the Connecting Nurses Favorites. The authors of the Favorites are then offered to choose between a promotional support – usually in form of a professionally produced video displaying their project – or a one-time financial contribution supporting the development of the project.  

Take a look at the previously selected projects on the Favorites page within the "Discover" tab.

In addition, Connecting Nurses Partners may take interest in supporting particular projects. Some examples are: 

WeObservatory supports projects initiated and conducted by women and projects improving the use of telemedicine services. The WeObservatory selects 5 Care Challenge projects every year. They benefit of the Millennia2025 Foundation international network to expand their activities.

Sanofi Pasteur supports nursing projects linked to vaccination and infectious diseases prevention.  


About Connecting Midwives 

Care Challenge is also hosting a Midwives' Corner. Connecting Midwives is a Sanofi Espoir Foundation project, developed in partnership with the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). It is entirely independent project from Connecting Nurses. 

Consequently, even though the Midwives projects appear on Care Challenge together with the Nursing projects, they are evaluated and supported differently. Each year, 10 innovative projects focused on improving the health of women and newborns are awarded a Prize. Read more directly on “Midwives Corner” or on the Connecting Midwives website.

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