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What is Care Challenge?


Care Challenge aims at creating a platform for nurse’s community around innovation and practices.

It highlights innovative prevention and care initiatives developed by nurses from all over the world through a digital community around projects.

You will be able to present your project, showcase your creativity and innovations on Care Challenge platform and share your work with colleagues worldwide.

The Care Challenge will enable health care professionals (HCP) to quickly grasp new ideas about patient and HCP education, disease prevention, care-giving or patient self-management on disease and put them into practice.

Two main topics are considered:


What is the purpose of Care Challenge?


Care Challenge is an international recognition program which highlights innovative nurses and their care solutions.
As a resource of international nursing innovations, Care Challenge enables you to share innovative health care ideas and put them into practice.

You can post project(s) in two different sections:


For each section, you can post innovations related to:

  • Education: Educational resources that promote patient self-management of disease (print, internet-based, video, TV or other media). Activities that raise community awareness: events, outreach campaigns, Q&A
  • Practice: Nursing services, procedures, techniques or tools that promote patient self-management of disease. New ways to support families and caregivers
  • Research: Studies of outcomes of innovative approaches to nursing, patient care and patient education

Who is sponsoring Care Challenge?


Care Challenge is sponsored by Sanofi, a global healthcare leader focused on patients’ needs.
Sanofi offers a range of essential healthcare assets, including a broad-based product portfolio and a presence worldwide.


General rules and Publication restrictions


There is no award program attached to the new version of Care Challenge, as it was the case in the former version.

The new version of Care Challenge is now only focused on the share of knowledge.
It is an opportunity to showcase and share projects on the platform and during the main nursing congresses (communication opportunities…).

Any licensed nurse is allowed to post his innovative project on Care Challenge.

Be careful, due to legal constraints, the projects (including supporting media/documents) shall not refer or relate to identified or identifiable pharmaceutical or vaccine products or medical devices.

Some projects may have the opportunity to be sponsored in the appropriate manner by Sanofi and Sanofi Pasteur (eg. funding, professional video, project management assistance, etc.) and/or, as the case may be, supported by partners such as WeObservatory (of the Millennia2025 Foundation) and nursing organizations (e.g., mentoring, etc.).

The projects highligthed on Care Challenge are called Favorite projects.

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