Some children see coming to the diabetes clinic as a threatening environment. Many are reluctant to open up or engage with staff/doctors about their diabetes and life with it. The idea of getting the children together in a non-clinical setting seemed to be what the children/parents were looking for, so the idea of the choir was formed by my colleague Sarah and myself. We wanted the children to be able to get together with others who understood fully about life with diabetes. The choir would give them somewhere they could be themselves, be allowed to talk about any problems they may have without their parents over analysing everything. The choir would also allow the children and parents to become diabetes buddies with the others and offer support to one another all whilst they had fun and socialised.


Truly inspirational group of children, the choir offers peer support and most importantly a period of normality to what is otherwise an invasive and challenging life. The leaders that run the choir are very special people and saw the need to start what has become "our choir family" and we thank you x

Amanda Gallagher February 10, 2016

great innovation using simple technique. Amazing kids. all the best

Prem Sundaram February 10, 2016

Our choir has been a true inspiration to all those close at home and far afield. Whilst the children sing it helps them take their minds off diabetes and puts them in a place of fun, laughter and friendship and of course harmony!!!

Aan Mayes February 10, 2016

Fantastic idea. My best wishes for the organisers to succeed in bringing up this programme as successful one. This programme will help the children to meet their age group children with diabetes and share their knowledge and experience to become successful in their life. The idea of highs and lows choir will remind them all about diabetes control without a health professional involvement. More importantly it's done in a fun way. All the best to become successful in this project.


I go to choir with my best friend to support her through the struggles she faces. It is fun and exciting and now after being there for 6 months we both feel as if we now fit in and we defiantly enjoy it. All the thanks go to Sarah and Dawn (the two lovely ladies that run it) and our awesome singing instructer Lesia

Jess ???? Storey February 10, 2016

A very good and noble idea that definitely benefits the overall management of diabetes both clinical and psychological. A good confidence booster and a good start of self management.

Pooja Vasista February 11, 2016

My diabetic son and his non diabetic sister thoroughly enjoy their time at choir. My son is happy to see that he is not the only person in the world with diabetes and his sister now understands what he has to deal with on a daily basis. For me as a parent it is a lifeline, being able to talk freely about diabetes with like minded adults without the worry of judgement. I gain advice and sympathy when needed. Seeing how happy my sometimes sad, worried son is after singing makes it a very enjoyable experience. The fantastic dedicated ladies who give up their free time for our children are truly remarkable. I look forward to my family outing to choir every Wednesday. My son and daughter have made some special friends and so have I.

Karen Lambert February 11, 2016

Everybody is talking nowadays about peer-to-peer support in the diabetes community and I cannot think of a better way to do this!!!Children who are members of "Highs and Lows" really enjoy coming every week to the choir. I have watched them go from strenth to strength and that makes really happy!!!Sarah and Dawn should be proud and their work should be acknowledged!!!Well done!!!

Vaya Tziaferi February 11, 2016

Wonderful idea! A healthy attitude to life, which is truly inspirational. The goal amidst many others, is also to ensure that the children are happy, healthy and surrounded by all loved ones!

Nehal Thanawala February 11, 2016

It so fantastic to see these kids really developing self confidence in their diabetes through singing and the friendships that make with the other choirs members. I think the parents meeting up as well get alot out of it as well.

james greening February 11, 2016

Over the last few months I have seen the choir grow in confidence from a timid group of children to the self assured youngsters that they are quickly becoming. They so obviously enjoy their singing and it is a pleasure to listen to them.

Carole Verity February 11, 2016

I'm Molly and I'm 8 years old have been diagnosed one year. Without the choir I would have felt so alone. But I realise by going to choir there are lots of other children like me. We get to sing and have fun. I have made some wonderful friends who I know will be always there for me, every week I can't wait till Wednesday arrives. My mom loves this this time too because she is able to speak with other moms who support each other. We are both are very thankful that we have such an amazing choir and so proud to be a part of it. Out of ever bad home good. Thank you xx

Molly Burke February 16, 2016

Children generally don't want to feel different from their friends but diabetes makes them different and sometimes at a very difficult age or stage in their lives. Choir has been a lifeline to our family and given Chloe the social life and acceptance she needed. We are a very special little diabetes community and and it feels safe. Thank you to everyone but especially Dawn and Sarah for creating such a wonderful place.

Liz Abell February 17, 2016

Choir is great because I've made lots of friends and I have learnt how something that can change your life so much can also bring joy and friendship

Molly Lambert February 21, 2016

I enjoy choir very much because I get to sing with other diabetic children. It's nice thst my sister can come too. When I first saw someone else test their blood suger, I didn't feel like the only one with diabetes and this made me feel happy and amazed. Sarah and Dawn help all of us diabetics feel happy:)

Alfie Lambert February 21, 2016

Well done to Dawn and Sarah for all their hard work and comittment with running the choir. They are a great group of young people who support each other through their shared love of singing. They also sound really good when they are singing too. It's a great support network for any young person with diabetes to join.

Sue Roach February 23, 2016

I only started the choir a few weeks ago, but love it. I am making friends with other children that have diabetes. I am with children that understand diabetes and just "get it". I do not know any other children with type 1 diabetes and before I came to the choir I felt as though I was on my own.

Samuel Wilson March 10, 2016

What an amazing venture. The children with diabetes need time to chat freely about diabetes with somebody who understands them. The choir gives them time to be themselves and have fun. The parents get time out with the reassurance their children are in good hands and have time to share experiences about diabetes. The music they are making is fabulous and helps others to feel better also.

jo erez March 21, 2016

Brilliant idea. Good luck to singers and everyone else involved

Chris Forest-Potter March 23, 2016

Brilliant. These kids are an inspiration. Should encourage others to realise that they are not on their own. Amazing what singing and the power of music can have.

William Barker March 31, 2016

Truly WONDERFUL venture, initiated by truly WONDERFUL people for a group of truly WONDERFUL, inspirational children.

katie Greenhill April 30, 2016

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