Every single day, Nigeria loses about 2,300 under-five year olds and 145 women of childbearing age from pregnancy/delivery complications in. Nigerian rural communities, there are series of cultural factors contributing to this high burden of maternal death. Most of these negative practices are due to ignorance and non-availability of better alternatives/information. They are deeply rooted in myths which seem impossible to change. Reluctantly, people are shy, or otherwise helpless in reversing these despite the knowledge of the negative impacts .75% of maternal death in Nigeria is due to direct causes like obstetric hemorrhage (abruptio placentae, placenta praevia, genital tract lacerations, and uterine atony), Eclampsia, Pregnancy-Induced hypertension, Sepsis, Obstructed labour, Malaria in pregnancy and complications from abortion. Most of these deaths are preventable with the right information, prompt, adequate and accessible medical interventions. The various harmful practices that they are been forced on during pregnancy and delivery. This project is aimed at harnessing the above mentioned problems and reducing maternal and infant mortality rate in Nigeria through use of mobile educational info graphics. Its more than ten years since the Global System for Mobile communications was introduced to Nigeria. The launch of GSM in 2001 liberated Nigerians from the shackles of many problems.Mobile technology has contributed positively in boosting economic activities in Nigeria except in health sector especially in area of maternal health . It has also improved the quality of living of Nigerians but health not inclusive. Nigerians now enjoy services like mobile TV, (electronic payment), affordable internet services, mobile tracking services, cheaper international calls, internet banking, and mobile banking. It has never improved the health system which should be a priority. 75% of the under privilege Nigeria has access to mobile phone and therefore are able to operate it which should be a key to create a good health care. For this Ten years plus Nigeria would have made progress in maternal and child morbidity / mortality reduction if this Giant telecom services had supported some health care program like Maternal and newborn health knowing that most Nigerians subscribe to them and will benefit a lot with useful information on reproductive and maternal health. If they could make millions of Naira from this , they could also save millions of lives especially that of women during pregnancy and delivery Improving the survival of women during pregnancy,delivery and post-­?partum and reducing child mortality of under-­?five children is a priority for many countries striving to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDG)4 and 5 in Nigeria.Despite current efforts, maternal and child mortality remain unacceptably high in our country. Therefore there is need to utilize the mobile technology which would be a successful that will help reach the MDGs 4,5. The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in health can help countries bridge the gap in achieving the MDGs by 2015, particularly through the use of mobile health.Several global initiatives recommend mobile phones as a means to improve access to maternal health services and reduce maternal mortality. Reference Zero Mothers Die


This is very laudable project and i pray you will it Nomso, I have read about many of your good work in Nigeria , saving lives of pregnant Mothers and newborn

Akudo R Edith April 21, 2015

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