Nurses and midwives working in low and middle income countries especially in the communities have limited knowledge on how to save life and perform some life saving procedures in simple emergency situation. This causes unnecessary deaths and complications in the line of duty. The lack of quick and guaranteed care information lab or information database where nurses and midwives can easily access information in line of duty as well as update their knowledge in the current practices tends to be very low. 3 in 5 nurses working in communities and rural setting in Nigeria do not have the basic life saving know, do not have money for continuous continuing education, cannot afford seminars and conference fees and hence cannot upgrade their care knowledge. This is a major contributor to the outcome of patients care as well as patients experiences while receiving nursing care. The information need for nurses and midwives in Nigeria and Africa is at a very low rate, hence the need to provide them with access to health information. 80% of nurses working in Low and Middle income Countries find it difficult to pass information to the patient during and after treatment and do not engage their patient during treatment because of lack of knowledge, they do not know what to inform the patient even if the patient requests for the information, this creates a gap in the care and reduce the nurse-patient relationship to near zero. There is no dedicated platform for nurses to freely access research information, nursing practical demonstrations, new treatment guidelines and reference information when the need arises.


It is a good project and wish you all the best for your project. At this world of innovation and technological booming it is a good way to keep our nurses image in far with the Information technology.

Smitha J Thundiparambil April 19, 2016

wow! this is very innovative. nursing profession need to meet up with d current trend cos d world is becoming a global village. nurses need to b defined by accuracy, completeness& fast track. no more stagnancy, we are overdue. so anyone who can incorporate his product of excellent creativity to improve our profession. we will b waiting to explore. kudos my colleague.

lobid Emmanuel May 06, 2016

This project is really innovative. Not only does Nigerian villages need it but even all other developing countries have this problem! I like this one.

Samuel BYIRINGIRO May 19, 2016

This is very true in most parts of the country where I come from as many nurses do not have access to current information due to lack of resources such as internet access and journals or books. On the other hand resource persons are not able to reach them due to geographical constraints and lack of funding. Also these nurses can not advance further due to shortage of staff, limited knowledge on how and where to access information in regards to their career advancement or other relates professional issues. Accessing information through facebook would be appropriate for most nurses living and working out in the most rural and urban or disadvantaged urban settings. Providing an avenue conducive for learning via the most affordable media would create better learning for them.

Varina Iobuna May 23, 2016

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