Training of health workers in the field of immunization must include innovations. The importance of supervision of measles and acute flaccid paralysis should be raised to a higher level. The problem of discontinuity in immunization leads to a collapse of colective immunity. Untimed immunization is another reason for the worse than expected coverage because of the dread of the immunization, particularly among marginalized populations. An important part of the extension of immunization is the supervision of immunization newborn children in the territory of primary health care. Inspiration for this education is the result of many years of work on the planning, procurement, distribution and coverage of immunization in the city of Novi Sad and the municipality of Sremska Karlovci . The assurance of the need to protect every child from diseases that can be prevented by vaccination, is evidently getting weaker and among the users of health care and medical professionals . Sporadic occurrence of infectious diseases that can be prevented by immunization, reassured us that vaccination should be a matter of parents’ choice - it should be recommended by medical personnel. Activities on immunization in 2012 and 2013 were carried out with great effort . The problem of discontinuity and untimely procurement of vaccines has led to: • problems in achieving safe immunization coverage ( ?95 % ) • organizational problems caused by the shortage of vaccines • low execution plan services to Health fund which is lower than expected • Low capitation score that reduces money income • loss of customer trust in the health care system • untimely implementation of immunization • accumulation of non-immunized ( marginalized ) Incurred by other organizational problems due to shortages of vaccines : • redistribution at the district level with the involvement of Institute for public health • subsequent redistribution within the institution • disruption in the implementation of immunization • difficulties in immunization planning • depletion of human resources • conflicts , mobbing • Expenditure increased despite the shortage • scheduled visits for immunization are canceled • duplication of inspection visits to the pediatrician • decline in the quality of health services - the percentage of fully immunized, aged 15, is decreasing

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