The prevalence of diabetes in Asian countries has increased rapidly in recent decades with increasing of insulin used in the diabetes, which correspondingly results in increasing of the insulin injection needles consumption. According to the regulation, the needle was removed from insulin pen by covering it with the outer cap and twisting out. And it may be a controversy that the outer cap is prohibited to put back on the needle by hand to hand, according to requirements to prevent needlestick injuries. Up to 80% of diabetic patients with self-injection of insulin suffered from needlestick injuries, and accidental needlestick injuries are also a common occupational hazard in healthcare professionals. The injuries often occurred when putting outer cap back on the needle in healthcare professionals by accident or in diabetic patients for the poor vision. To reduce the risk of accidental needlestick injury and prevent infection for healthcare professionals and patients with diabetes, and to deposit sharps with standardized procedure, we design sharps deposal container special for insulin pen needles.



thhhg YUK February 13, 2015

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