Cleveland has more uninsured residents than the national average, and a very large unemployment rate. There is a great need for affordable health care. There are several free clinics that offer free or low cost health care, but they are overwhelmed by the need. People are constantly being turned away due to lack of space or time to care for these patients. Medical and nursing students need clinical experience working together, as a team, to learn how to provide the best care they can to their patients


That's an excellent initiative...great for the uninsured residents and great for the student nurses to acquire's a win, win situation.

brigitte galand January 09, 2013

One of the difficulties for pleope of your profession (medicine) is this problem of possibly missing something unexpected or finding that something is not as it seems. But is there not also a wish, sometimes intellectually, at least to have more zebras than horses? I'd never heard the term zebra' before, but I suppose medics in the UK must have some sort of term for it. Two things came to mind while reading. One was a neighbour of my father's who was a pathologist who had just given up smoking and when he saw exhibits of cigarette-damaged lungs, started again to ease his anxiety! The other, closer to home is a thankfulness that my own asthma never got as bad as the one you lost. The closest I came to it was a shot of adrenaline a couple of times and the fear that went along with the knowledge that just a little further and I'd have been dead. Sadly, as a child, I had many brushes with scythe-wielder, not just my own when children vanished' from the hospital ward I was in after many struggles

Tomomi Tomomi October 01, 2013

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