Communicable diseases are among the major causes of child mortality in Somaliland. The six preventable diseases are estimated to account for at least one-third of infant and child disability and mortality. The mortality by these diseases is highly aggravated by lack of immunization, ignorance and poor environmental hygiene. so i searched away that i overcome this problem and i chose immunization because it is the cost-effective method of infections diseases control, and also educating mothers and community about the importance of vaccines and hygiene.


marwa this project is really amazing and will help many children in our country, im so proud of you ma friend.

hibo adam December 24, 2015

Dear me,Marwa what you are doing for your people is priceless,we thank you the efforts you doing to help others,your future is bright keep up the good work.Allah bless.

Hanan Ahmed March 29, 2016

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