There are many physiologic changes happened during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Many pregnant women experienced many uncomfortable during pregnancy; one of them is sleeping disorder. Sleeping disorder happened because of many factors, such as urinate frequently, muscle cramp, enlargement of uterus, nausea and vomiting, etc. Sleeping disorder and poor quality of sleep, usually is not the major concern of the mother, environments and health practitioner. Pregnant women advised to sleep more than 7 hours per day. Based on previous research, pregnant women who slept less than 7 hours per day can cause many problems during pregnancy and birth, such as the increasing of blood pressure so that can cause preeclampsia, and as we know, preeclampsia is on of factor that caused mortality rate of mother in Indonesia. To evaluate sleep quality in pregnancy, we can use PSQI (The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index). By knowing sleep quality of pregnant women, health practitioner can prepare for the next follow up or can prevent risk factor of preeclampsia so we can reach the goal of safety pregnancy. Based on that background, I have an interest to do a research about the effect of sleep quality of pregnant women to the incidence of preeclampsia.


Hello friend,im indonesian too I want to ask about ur research,how long you are doing ur research?is it just in ur area or all of indonesia province?and how the result?is it sleep quality really influence pre eclampsia rate?

nina rosyidah August 09, 2015

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