John Hunter Hospital is the only primary reference hospital in HNELHD and hence the employer of over 40% of all staff working for Hunter New England Local health District (HNELHD). Staff Health’s Annual Influenza Vaccination Campaign currently includes poster’s, newsletters, emails, extra immunisers to assist in providing twice daily clinics and daily roving clinics throughout the facility and it’s outlying establishments. Our campaign begins with a roving clinic attending the District Managers Meeting to engage the support of HNELHD executives. The communications department also show support by attending promotional days and photographing the occasion and make note of it in the facility’s monthly magazine HNE Matters. Despite efforts the current uptake of influenza vaccination remains at only 60%. It is important for the facility to have a high coverage of protected staff before the intake of patients with influenza present, not only to protect staff and reduce sick leave, but to protect patients, visitor’s and also other vulnerable people in our community such as pregnant women, infants and immunosuppressed individuals

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