In a 24/7/365 healthcare environment, communicating with staff presents many difficulties which can lead to: Less than optimum Patient outcomes; Working without needed personnel; Increased provider injuries; Increased overtime expenses; Increased "never-events" or patient harm; Increased use of agency staffing; Increased "mandatory" overtime; Increased errors related to overworked providers; Costly operational inefficiencies ; Reduced customer satisfaction; Increased worker turnover; Miscommunications. Currently outdated communications modalities used by healthcare employers include paper lists and calling providers one-by-one via telephone. New technologies to improve communications effectiveness must be embraced to facilitate the real-time allocation of a specialized, distributed caregiver resource pool. These communications modalities must include text, voice and email communications, at the very least, and may include various social media platforms for communications, as well.


Coverage. Communications. Compliance. (YNIO) can instantly contact nurses by two-way phone, text and email for immediate coverage of open shifts due to call outs, acuity shifts and census changes. YNIO can send routine or emergency messages to any or all of your staff in seconds AND receive their responses for actionable information, YNIO also creates a record of every communication made and all responses for compliance purposes to help with HIPPA, JACHO and Unions. Simple, effective and innovative technology for nursing, made by nurses.

Matthew Browning February 09, 2012

I couldnt agree more with everything youve said!!

Leigh Dirga February 28, 2012

Hi Matthew- I love this approach to healthcare, and your concept. I am a #patient. 1) Is this to be used for hospitals and doctors? 2) Or would I, as a #patient, be able to just contact you myself? I am hearing alot about nurse entrepreneurs going out to homes, etc. I know it depends alot-on the outcome of our hc system, but even as the system stands, 3) can your approach work now? or will we have to wait on the outcome? Thanks! Rann

Rann Patterson February 29, 2012

Good luck, Matthew! It's wonderful to hear updates about YNIO.

Sophia Chan March 02, 2012

I agree with all u have said.

REHEMA KITARA March 03, 2012

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