Statistics from the State of the World’s Midwifery 2014 report show us that in developing countries 800 women die daily from childbirth complications and over 5000 newborns are stillborn each day and 3 million die within the first month of life. How do we reduce these statistics? Midwives. We know that every woman throughout the world has the fundamental right to health and safety throughout her life. We know that knowledgeable, trained and skilled midwives are the most appropriate care providers throughout a woman’s reproductive life. I want to play a role in reducing the mortality and morbidity rate for women and their newborns. I want to play my part in making it possible for women to believe that they have the right to safe and affordable health care regardless of where they come from. So many women in developing countries do not have access to midwives who are trained and available to provide quality, respectful health care. Implementing quality midwifery services could prevent up to two thirds of these deaths globally. Appropriately educated midwives can provide 87% of the essential care for women and newborns. I would like to concentrate on one country, Bangladesh, initially to try to make a difference to the way that health care is delivered to women. I want to help to influence governments to invest in women and their health care, by investing in midwives and their education and skill development, to make the reproductive years of women in that country much safer and make the prospect of mothering more enjoyable.

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